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Rehoming a Cat

Before considering surrendering your cat to a rescue, explore alternative methods to address challenges you may be facing. Consult with a veterinarian to rule out any potential health issues contributing to behavioral problems. Behavioral training and enrichment can be effective, including providing stimulating toys, scratching posts, and a consistent routine. Consult with a professional animal behaviorist or trainer for personalized advice. If the issue is temporary, consider finding a trusted friend or family member who may be willing to foster your cat temporarily. For non-temporary situations, ask your vet to assist in finding a home, and social media platforms (local links below) and local community groups can also be resources for finding temporary or permanent homes. Exhausting these options helps ensure that surrendering to a rescue is a last resort, allowing your cat to stay in a familiar and loving environment whenever possible.

Wiregrass Area Facebook Rehome Groups

Alabama Pet Rescue
Animal Rescue and Rehome of Alabama
Fort Novosel/Rucker Lost &Found& Rehoming Pets
Hartford AL Pets and Supplies
Pets in need of rehoming or adoption in Enterprise Al & Surrounding areas
Wiregrass Pets For Rehoming
Please Contact Us if you know of other local rehoming resources we can add to this list.
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