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Trap Rentals

Rent a Humane Cat Trap from Tails and Whiskers Inc

Are you facing the challenge of trapping a cat in need? Tails and Whiskers Inc offers a humane solution with our cat trap rental service. For a rental fee of $10 per day or $50 per week, plus a refundable $150 CASH deposit, you can secure a humane box trap to assist in the safe capture of felines.  Our drop trap with transfer cage rental is $15 per day or $85 per week, with a refundable $300 CASH deposit.  

Box Trap Rental Details:
  • Daily Rate: $10

  • Weekly Rate: $50

  • Cash Deposit: $150 (refundable upon return in original condition)

Drop Trap Rental Details:
  • Daily Rate: $15

  • Weekly Rate: $85

  • Cash Deposit: $300 (refundable upon return in original condition with all components)

How to Rent:

To rent a trap, please submit a Trap Rental request. Our team will guide you through the rental process, ensuring you have the necessary equipment to address your specific situation. Tails and Whiskers Inc is committed to providing resources that promote the well-being of both cats and their human caregivers.

Other Information:

We apologize, but we no longer lend traps.  Too many do not make it back to us, and they are expensive.  If you are in a financial crunch, feel free to contact us about waiving the rental fees.  Deposits are not waived, and are per trap.  The deposit covers the cost of purchasing a new trap, should it not be returned.

Multiple Trap Discount:

If you need to rent more than one trap, we offer a discount on additional trap rental fees.  Deposits are per trap, and do not get discounted.  Discount:  Two traps are 10% off the rental fees, three or more are 20% off the rental fees.

Thank you for choosing Tails and Whiskers Inc as your partner in humane cat trapping. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of our feline friends.

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